Assignment Details


4/2 Lebanon
4/4 Syria
4/6 Palestine/Israel
4/9 Morocco
4/11 Saudi Arabia
4/13 Iraq
Wiki (for assessment) 4/16
Reflection Papers Due 4/16

This project consists of four parts:

1. Arab Feminism Map The group password for this private map is: badran
  • Each group should add to the map any feminist organations, sites of activism, groups, Women's Studies Programs etc. Map Feminism in this country. Feel free to add markers to countries other than the ones covered by classmates presentations too.

2. Presentation:
  • Each group (with all members) must schedule and attend two conferences with me prior to the presentation. I recommend an early conference (in the next week) and one within a week of your presentation.
  • Each group will determine the reading assignment for class for the day of the presentation. Those readings should primarily come from our course readings (you may request that the class re-read previously assigned material in addition to new material). You may also choose additional readings. Any readings to be photocopied for class must be turned in to me one week in advance of your presentation so that I have time to make copies.
  • You should have a "presentable" wiki and map ready for your presentation so that classmates can view it prior to coming to class. You can use your pages to pose discussion questions and create links to
  • Your presentation should fill the entire 50 minute class period. It should include discussion of readings, presentation of material, and an introduction to your wiki.

3. Wiki/Case Study You are creating a resource on Feminism in the country you've chosen. I will assess the resource you create as a whole, but I will also assess individual contributions (using the "history" tab). Your wiki pages should read and feel like an encyclopedia--there should be prose, images, citations, data (statistics, historical timelines, profiles of important people, etc.). Be sure to include:
  • data on the status of women
  • history of women and feminism
  • information about feminist activism, activists and organizations
  • an idea of the most pressing issues, conflicts, progress, etc. for feminists in the area
  • images (properly cited)
  • external links
  • internal links to new pages you create

4. Individual Reflection and Assessment of Project By April 16th, everyone should turn in a 2-3 page reflection on the project in which you assess your peers' and own work, including the map, wiki and presentation. What were your strengths and weaknesses in preparing this project? How did your group work together? What did you contribute? What do you wish you could have done better or more of?


Wiki 40% I will assess your wiki based on how thorough it is,
  • You will each be assessed your contribution to the new entries your group creates and the links you create between your entries and related entries (even the links between feminism in your country and entries of other countries).
  • You will be asssessed on how thorough, insightful and original your entries are. Your entries should be primarily in your own words. Remember to cite all sources--including images--and offer a list of works cited for each page. You may also, as a group, create a shared bibliography. Also remember that if you copy verbatim information from other sources without citing it, you are plagiarizing. Plagiarism is cause for failure of this assignment.
  • As you are creating encyclopedic entries, aim to be thorough. If a writer or activist you are writing about is responsible for a given term or idea, you will need to define that term or create a link to that entry in the Wiki. Be sure to make connections.
  • Many of the ideas you are writing about recur in the feminist activism of more than one country--in such cases, there should only be ONE entry on the topic. This means that you will also be collaborating across groups. Be sure to use the discussion tab to communicate with each other about this.
  • Within your entries, be sure to cite sources and create a bibliography for the entry. Add your sources to the course bibliography that you will find on the navigation page.
Map 10%
Presentation 30% (including assessment by peers)
Individual Reflection 10%