This wikispace is part of Project 2 for class. I have chosen to assign a wikispace for your project because, unlike a paper, a wiki is a social space in which you can create knowledge, share ideas and collaborate with each other. Group projects are sometimes challenging because it is unclear who is doing the work--all of that is actually visible and traceable on a wikispace page. The tab above labeled "history" allows any of us to actually see every prior version of a page and who made the changes.

The wiki is also a space that stays in place even after we leave class in April. I have used wikis in my classes before, and students still return to the resource they've created especially to learn more about the topics their peers have written about.

A couple of notes about this wikispace:
  • Any of you can see every page and its history, edit any page, create new pages, create links to pages in the wiki, create links to pages outside of the wiki, edit the navigation space and edit the front page of the wiki. In fact, doing all of that is part of the project.
  • Anything you type and save on your pages can be viewed by any member of this space, even after you've gone back in and changed it.
  • Our space is private. No one but members of the space can view it and no one but members of this space can edit it. In order to protect your privacy, this space will remain private even after we have left class. After one year, I will very likely delete the space though as it costs $5/month to retain it as a private space.
  • If you are using a public computer, LOG OUT after you've worked on the page. If you remain logged in, in the unlikely event that the next user of the computer visits the wikispaces page, they will actually be logged in to the space.

Some notes on your assignment:
  • For your assignment, you will be creating a wiki resource on feminism in the country you have chosen to research. This will accompany the in-class presentation that you give and will take the place of a more formal paper.
  • You must edit the pages of your group members. You must create new pages.
  • Do not edit the pages belonging to other groups. If you have a suggestion for a change (major or minor) or an idea for the page, please post that under discussion on that page.
  • The front page of our wikispaces (this page) is up to you to change. I will save this information in a page you can find in the navigation space named Project Guidelines. Feel free to change the front page at any time.