Moroccan feminism was slow in coming. According to Fatima Mernissi in her book/memoir, Dreams of Trespass, women relied on the east (other Arab nations like Lebanon and Egypt) for their feminism. Mernissi's family had a radio to listen to the news, and when the men were out the women would break into the radio and listen to the news about feminism in other Arab countries. She was inspired by other Arab feminists like Huda Shawari of Egypt and Zaynab Fawwaz of Lebanon. Fatima Mernissi is the greatest influence in Moroccan feminism, and her accounts of harem life and other works are what have shaped much of Moroccan feminism and our ability to understand it. After reading her memoir it is easy to gather that much of Moroccan feminism sparked from harem life, its restrictions and ways in which it shaped women's thoughts.
Throughout this space we hope to address different aspects of feminism in Morocco, much of which was greatly influenced by Mernissi and her ideas of change and liberation. A basic background of the country, a timeline, and a map of important events should also be useful in learning more about the history of Moroccan feminist movements. Look under the “by topics” list to see how Morocco relates to Arab feminist issues around the world.

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