The importance of incorporating a discourse on sexuality when formulating a revolutionary
feminist theory became even more evident as I started analyzing and writing about the Lebanese
war. The war itself seems closely connected with the way people perceive and act out their sense
of love and power, as well as their sense of relationship to their partners, to the family, and to the
general society. The argument has often been made that women's issues detract from the war
effort, that wars create such conditions of despair that women's issues are unimportant within this
context, and that if the "right" side in a war were to win, women's problems would automatically
be solved. I would like to argue the reverse. I would suggest that sexuality is centrally involved in
motivations to war, and if women's issues were dealt with from the beginning, wars might be
avoided, and revolutionary struggles and movements for liberation would take a very different path.
Justice cannot be won in the midst of injustice.

An Occulted Aspect of the War in Lebanon Accad, Evelyne. Sexuality and War.
New York: Jan 30, 1990. pg. 27


The above excerpt from Evelyn Accad's book, An Occulted Aspect of the War in Lebanon is an exceptional
passage to introduce an individual to the concept of feminism in Lebanon. This wiki focuses on the lives
of women both past and present within this country. Information is provided concerning current events
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