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History on Saudi Arabia and World


A powerpoint on the reailties and misconceptions on Saudi Arabia and its women.

Imperial History of the Middle East: 5000 Years of History in 90 seconds
This is an AMAZING video, but I couldn't know to add it as a video so I just posted the link.

Map, important sites in the Middle East



Photographs of Saudi Woman

Important Women in Saudi Arabia

Feminism in Saudi Arabia

A bilbliography page of all different kind of writings by Saudi Feminist. If we could get our hands on some of them, it would be pretty helpful. "Zainab: A Short Story" is one of them that opened...

a bibliography for texts on saudi feminists

The Roles of Women in the Saudi Arabian Society

Current Issues

Amnesty International
Amnesty International: Saudi Arabia

Readings from our presentation




(Kellen, Bilquis, Didi)