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There are many issues that affect the women in Syria and their status in the country. The unequal treatment of women in Syria has sparked a unique history of feminist activism. Women in Syria are affected each day by the inequalities of a male driven society. Our mission is to enlighten our readers on the following points:

  1. General Fact and History about Syria located on the Syria Info page
  2. The history of feminism in Syria in the form of a time-line
  3. The current status of the women in Syria and their indicators located on the Women's Status page
  4. Suggest Further Readings by Syrian Women and about the Status of Women in Syria
  5. Give information about Syrian Feminist Organizations and important feminist Syrian Women.
  6. Link other resources to maps, video clips, and external sites to find out more information
  7. Give information about Syrian American Feminism and how is relates to current Arab American Feminism and Global Feminism.

Form many women in Arab countries their concerns of gender inequality are the same. These topics are prominate throughout Arab countries and can be explained in further detail in relation to other countrie on the topic pages located on the navigation bar. Some subjects have already been linked to the appropriate topic pages while others are ingrained within other concepts. Here is a list of some of the gender issues in Arab countries taken from the United Nations Website:

Gender issues in the Arab countries Countries participating in GSP regional workshops identified priority gender issues that need to be incorporated in national policies.¹ These gender issues were identified in relation to current gender policy goals as well as objectives that future national programs may assume.¹ Priority gender issues in the Arab countries are categorized under four main headings:¹

Economic life

  • Unfavorable labor market conditions due to low economic activity and cultural stereotypes that preference men
  • Limited opportunities for career promotions
  • Wage discrimination
  • Sexual division of labor within the home and market place (women segregation and job feminization)
  • Prevalence of women working in the informal sector and extent of under-counting of women’s work by conventional measures


  • Socio-cultural heritage that reinforces gender discrimination within the home
  • Female drop-out rate from the educational system and its augmentation among women
  • Priority for men in training and acquiring experience


  • Domestic violence, violence against women, female circumcision, and the need to eradicate them through education and enforceable legislation


  • Prevalence of discriminatory legislation concerned with inheritance, marriage divorce and pension collection
  • Inadequate implementation of existing legislation due to lack of enforcement mechanisms or bureaucratic inefficiencies
  • Absence of measures and procedures conferring financial benefits or social security for the least fortunate groups in society, often girls and women
  • Absence of measures curtailing child labor
  • Existence of legislation inhibiting men/children to acquire the nationality of the wife/mother

Media Representation

  • Limited participation of women in radio and TV productions, possibly leading to biased messages being transmitted to the public

There are also Syrian Feminist issues in Canada and the United States as well. On this site you will find that the issues these women struggle with are not as cut and dry as most people may think. Many people believe that all feminist are the same. When people here the word feminism they think of buring bras and making men do the housework, but in reality that is not what feminsim is at all. Feminism has the simple goal of gender equality. Western feminist are all about equal rights between the sexes, and yes, some are about not being the only ones who have to do the housework or take care of the kids. Feminism for Arab women as well as Arab American/Canadian is about so much more which you will learn throughout this site, not just in Syria, but throughout this entire wikispace.

1. Gender Issues in Arab Countries by the United Nations

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